Corporate Overview

BARQ Systems is a leading Information Technology services provider working with over 1000 businesses and governments across the MEA Region.

From a promising IT system integrator back in 1993 to the regional services solution provider we are today, over the years, we have adapted our services in response to the evolution of technology, ensuring we are able to deliver to a consistently high level.

Over the years, we have gained a reputation as a visionary market leader, a fast and efficient adaptor to the latest technology trends, and high-end technical supporters with well-established experience.

Our name is synonymous with first-rate tech experts, who are technically gifted, look beyond the present, and are committed to providing the future of the ICT industry for BARQ Systems’ clients.

“Since 1993, our focused approach and eagerness to address new challenges has enabled our people to deliver flexible and reliable services and solutions that our clients can trust.” - Mohamed Tawfik, Group Vice President & CTO

BARQ Systems was originally established as an operating unit for Al-Dabbagh Group, as part of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) portfolio. Since 1993 we have successfully built 6 active offices in major cities in the MEA region; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Operating from the major 3 countries, our 350+ technical calibers across the region consult, implement, and maintain the latest and best breed of technologies for our clients in the Telecom, FSI & Energy, Government, Education, and Commercial sectors.


Our Story

Formerly known as SALEC , BARQ Systems was established in 1993. Since then, we have worked hard to make our corporate and social responsibility goals a reality.

Accomplishing each milestone has not always been easy. Each year, we face significant market changes, the emergence of new technologies, and the expiration of older, outdated technology; to name a few. But, thanks to our experienced leaders and loyal people, we have been able to transform challenges into achievements.

Our journey has been rewarding at every turn. We are grateful for every code we cracked before anyone else, every loyal person in our organization, and every leader whose wisdom and expertise led us into our current success. We have already achieved so much, and for us, it’s just the beginning!

Here are some of the key milestones and achievements of 30 years in business:

It All Started Back In 1993


The company was established in Jeddah under the name of “SALEC” with a primary focus on serving the demanding data and telecom networking needs of its customers with the rise of the Internet.


SALEC established 3 offices in Saudi Arabia


SALEC established its operations in Cairo, Egypt


Active in the telecom market


Enterprise business expansion


Salec rebranding to BARQ Systems


BARQ Systems reoperates in Saudi Arabia


BARQ Systems operates in Dubai, UAE


BARQ Systems opens new high-tech "Cairo HQ, Egypt"


BARQ Systems shared service center in Cairo, Egypt


BARQ Systems operates in Abu Dhabi, UAE


BARQ Systems added SOC to the managed services portfolio