Developing Youth

We are building a place where both young and well-established employees can bring their authentic selves and achieve their personal and professional milestones via our career development and transition programs.

Horizontal vs Vertical

On the one hand, we facilitate the promotion process for our employees; the qualified employee is granted full access to move horizontally rather than vertical regular means.

How did we contribute?

We founded Baraq Academy in 2017, with the principles of GivingEarning, and Sustaining in mind, and as we develop, so do our sustainability goals.

Quality education has always been a priority, even before we implemented sustainable development goals. 

Youth Development has always been one of our main concerns in order to:

  1. Bridge the gap between the graduate's academic knowledge and the market requirements
  2. Grasp the updated knowledge and the latest technology from experienced IT experts
  3. Acquire hiring opportunities
  4. Nurture interpersonal skills

   Our target by 2025, is to have positively impacted over 100,000 youth members.

How we contribute:

  • We collaborated with Ain Shams University to reach out to more youth and provide them with our training programs.