BARQ Systems | Update : Continuity of Service

Cairo - Egypt, 22 Mar 2020
We are committed to ensuring that we continue to support business and technical needs of your organization, including but not limited to: 
Human Resources: Aggressive health and sanitary policies implemented and applying Governmental and WHO protocols to avoid spread of the virus through BARQ Systems office, employees, families, and customers.
Support Infrastructure: Our support center have shifted to remote/virtual operations and are working to ensure the customer experience is as seamless as possible, meanwhile onsite installation and on-site support are available by our teams unless a curfew is applied with the local authorities.
Flexibility: As with any best-in-class organization, we are able to perform functions, systems monitoring, and projects implementations remotely.
Supply Chain: We are working very closely with our global, regional & local suppliers to ensure availability and normal operations are not adversely impacted due to worldwide transport challenges and precautionary procedures that they will have to put into place for containing this worldwide epidemic.  With that in mind we do expect significant delays in cargo movements and customs clearance.
Technical Solutions: Now many businesses all around the globe need to minimize their employees’ exposure during the pandemic while considering business continuity measures by assessing critical applications to ensure their availability and scale capacity for remote access resources required for employees working remotely, we provide The Secure Socket Layer - Virtual Private Network (SSL-VPN) solution to our customers which is the single most important link in your remote work chain, It ensures a higher level of security and safety between the remote worker and the business.
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"برق سيستمز" تصبح أول شريك بلاتيني لشركة «إف 5» في

Cairo - Egypt, 02 Feb 2021

رفع مستوى الشراكة يعزز من قدرات «إف 5» على إيصال خدماتها على نطاق أوسع ضمن منطقة استراتيجية هامة   القاهرة، مصر - 27 يناير 2021: أعلنت "برق سيستمز" اليوم أنها أصبحت أول شريك بلاتيني لشركة «إف 5» في مصر.   ويمثل التصنيف البلاتيني أعلى مستوى من الاعتماد ضمن برنامج «إف 5» للشركاء، والذي صمم خصيصا لتلبية التطورات الناشئة في السوق وشركة «إف 5» ونماذج عمل شركائها. ويتيح البرنامج للشركاء مسارا واضحا لتحقيق النجاح في خدمة العملاء بتقديم مجموعة شاملة من أفضل المنتجات في فئتها من «إف 5».  

BARQ Systems announces new SOCaaS at Leap 2022

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, 01 Feb 2022

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, February 1, 2022 —BARQ Systems, a leading regional IT services provider serving business and government clients across Middle East, and Africa (MEA), announced their transition to an Integrated IT Services Provider, offering a full-fledged Managed Services Portfolio.

Infoblox Virtual Security Workshop

Cairo - Egypt, 18 Feb 2021

BARQ Systems & Infoblox held their virtual “Infoblox Security Workshop” on the 17th of February, 2021. They focused on the security needs of organisations pursuing Cloud First strategies, Cyber Risk Reduction, SD-Wan projects and SASE programs through interactive educational workshops.   The session included 2 Kahoot quizzes with valuable gifts cards for the top 3 winners. We are happy to conduct such an interactive workshop  

BARQ Systems Becomes First F5 Platinum Partner

Cairo - Egypt, 27 Jan 2021

CAIRO, January 27 , 2021— BARQ Systems today announced that it has become the first F5 Platinum Partner in Egypt.   Platinum status is the highest level of certification in F5’s Unity+ Partner Programme, which has been specifically designed to address the evolution of the market, F5, and partner business models. The program gives a clear path to success for serving customers with F5’s best in class portfolio of products.

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